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0:00 - I appreciate Quen’s intro for Kath ❤️❤️❤️ He got the crowd cheering with excitement for Kath’s entrance :) well… they would’ve screamed with excitement when she came out anyways but Quen wanting to hear the crowd scream loud for her is sweet to see too!

0:36 - I loveee Kath singing live!!! The song suits her voice so much! :) Love her cute “Hellos” to the fans as she goes around the crowd

3:09 - She’s so freakin’ cute! “Wait lang” as she ran back up to the stage when the song was over. ❤️ And then taking a picture with a fan before going up the stage

3:19 - Chatting with the audience and giving way to DJ’s entrance; their cheer when she mentioned G2B, Chichay & Joaquin, SDTG & Kelai & Kenji! ❤️

4:25 - Kath is so sexy walking back when it was DJ’s turn to sing!

4:48 - She was so adorable being playful jokingly blocking DJ’s way when he was getting ready to enter; then he tried to grab her hand hehe.

7:50 - It’s so cute how DJ asked the exact same question Kath asked after they finish singing their song and then he laughs cause he knows he just asked the same exact question so he says Parang asawa na ako noh?”

8:15 - He’s walking back to get Kath; as he walks and gets closer to the back he’s wondering where she even leaning to look at the back to see where she is since she didn’t come out yet

8:21 - There she is! Hehe. Why is she so freakin’ cute?! I feel like this is why DJ can’t resist to make amends ASAP when they have tampo to each other cause she’s too cute! Can’t stay mad at her forever nor can he resist when she’s mad at him! Ah, sorry! Na pi-picture kami sa likod!”I swear I repeated this part how many times cause the way she said it followed by her big smile it’s beyond adorable!

8:25 - Then she goes and say “Hiiiiii" to DJ so cute too! My gosh! I can understand why DJ can’t keep his hands off her! She’s too damn irresistibly cute! He’s reaching his hand out to grab her.

8:27 - Looks like he’s asking her what took her so long and she has to explain herself hehe. He grabs her arm!

8:34 - The way he looks at her!

8:36 - DJ mentioning how Kath sang live & how good it was! Kath’s cute inis face XD

8:47 - Akbay :)

8:53 - Holding hands! The grip! Hold her tight & never let go!

8:56 - Kath starts to sing the song; the way DJ is staring at her as she sings ❤️

9:24 - “Til’ I met you…” love how they stare at each other as they sing the chorus! How true the lyrics must be for them, especially DJ! He was staring at her right from the get go!

9:34 - So cute! Both of their eyes closed; embracing the song!

9:36 - Akbay again! DJ’s stare! For real love struck! I can’t blame him, Kath is just so fuckin’ loveable!!!

9:40 - DJ sings “I love you more each day…” while staring at her!

9:45 - Kilig DJ? Why the sudden giggle? Holding her at her arm now

9:50 - DJ! I’ve noticed lately you’ve been poking Kath at her armpit alot XD He was holding her at her elbow then he obviously slide his hand up her arm and then you just see Kath turning her shoulder away from him lol.

9:53 - Holding her at her wrist now; his eyes are seriously locked on her!

9:58 - Holding her hand again; he’s so alive when he’s with Kath!

10:02 - I swear I only see him laugh/smile like this when its with Kath or involves Kath.

10:05 - Obviously love struck ❤️ He’s telling Kath something and she says “No!” while pulling her hand away from his XD He just laughs

10:08 - Akbay again! Seriously, just within one prod DJ moves his hand so much around Kath - akbay, hold hands, hand at her waist, hand at her arm, hand at her wrist, so many different positions he holds her XD

10:10 - In-sync in waving to fans!

10:20 - Hold at the waist; transition to hold at the arm; to hold at the wrist; back to hold at elbow! XD

10:24 - Seriously, he only looks at her when he sings this line! Her sweet smile back as he’s singing it ❤️ Oh you love birds!

10:31 - And back at holding at her waist! Then slides up her arm to her hold her at her shoulder. But slides back down to be at her waist XD DJ so malikot!

10:45 - Selfie with a fan’s phone ❤️

10:49 - This I haven’t seen in a long while; intertwined holding hands

11:18 - Looks like DJ was about to gigil over Kath again XD Kath’s face obviously showed she was preparing for it but he held back

11:28 - Tight grip on Kath’s hand! Walking away but still holding her hand that way XD

11:47 - His tendency to pull her away even though she’s still busy talking to someone XD

I like their energy in Day 2 rather than Day 1; Day 1 they sang two songs and I didn’t really like the second song Kath sang it. They should’ve had her do a dance prod! I miss seeing her dance :( I love love love her outfits for both days ❤️❤️❤️ I thought it was cute how they switched mics for each day too; Kath used the yellow one while DJ used the orange one on Day 1 while on Day 2 they switched :)